Manufacturing companies in many industries (e.g., food, textile, stationery, construction, electronics, and chemistry) are required to dispose of any expired, defective, or returned products in order to ensure that these products are not put on the market unofficially.  


This process is usually carried out in the presence of the relevant tax officers and a notary public.


In this phase, there is the risk of Waste Reception Facilities putting the products they received for disposal on the market instead of disposing of them despite sending a “disposal” document to the waste generator. In order to prevent this risk, it is necessary to be present throughout the disposal process. This process sometimes takes days.


In the event that it is not possible for us to be present in the disposal process, it is mandatory to obtain the camera footage showing the disposal of every 1 kg of waste. 




Chimirec Avrasya has been offering “PRODUCT DISPOSAL SERVICE” in the presence of tax office representatives and notaries and providing the camera footage of this process since 2017. 



When you consider how a defective or expired product put on the market could damage your brand,
you can better understand the importance of the

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