Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) PLANT


Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) is produced by processing the residual household or industrial waste obtained after sorting processes and is used as an alternative to fossil fuels in co-incineration plants.
Especially cement plants in Turkey and in the world prefer using RDF as an alternative additional fuel due to its economic advantages and contributions to the protection of the environment.

Chimirec Avrasya started producing RDF in 2017, and today, it supplies RDF to 9 Cement Plants around Turkey.

 "In 2020, the total amount of RDF produced in our plant reached 45,000 tonnes."

How Is RDF Produced?
Hundreds of types of waste received by our plant are analyzed based on parameters such as calorific value, chlorine content, moisture content, and heavy metal content, and a menu is prepared according to this analysis.
Different types of waste are mixed based on the menu and shredded by 3 different shredders to produce RDF in accordance with the criteria specified in the relevant regulations (which may vary based on the working principles of cement plants).

“Recycling waste as RDF instead of landfilling/disposing of it reduces greenhouse gas emissions caused by the use of natural resources and fossil fuels.”

The Importance of the Quality of RDF
Large storage areas are required for the classification of the RDF produced in accordance with the reception and feeding criteria of cement plants. The classification of RDF based on the relevant criteria enables the quality of the RDF sent to cement plants to be maintained.
RDF production is a difficult and risky process. Main risks in this process include the reaction of waste, fire, flashing, explosion, and emission. It is essential to have a high-quality waste laboratory and analyze every 1 kg of waste received by the plant in order to reduce risks.
Considering that the process starts with the sorting of waste by Waste Producer and ends in Cement Plants, we should keep in mind that waste management requires expertise.

With its knowledge and experience since 1957,  Chimirec Avrasya has been supporting waste producer in “WASTE MANAGEMENT” for many years.





The link to the relevant communiqué by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is presented below for your information: 




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