The laboratory is the decision maker in the process that involves waste generation, proposal, waste transportation, waste acceptance, and the determination of the processing method such as disposal/recycling.


Chimirec Avrasya has been sensitive about this issue since its foundation. Samples are taken from the sites of waste producers for nearly every waste code, and the contract is sent after the analysis. Equipped with modern measuring instruments, our laboratory also performs waste analyses for Waste Producer for informative purposes to the extent permitted by legal regulations.


In addition, waste is tracked by uploading the verification analyses of every 1 kg of waste accepted by the plant to the "BARCODE" system. Potential risks such as flashing, explosion, fire, or emission are identified thanks to these analyses, and different types of waste are placed in appropriate storage areas through labeling.


Then, the waste is fed into the RDF production line in line with the menu prepared by the laboratory based on the characteristics of the waste.






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